Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My iPhone Editing App

     In my last post I shared some of my photos with some editing and others without it. For this post I would like to share my favorite editing app on my iPhone. The editing app I use is Aviary photo editor. First of all, this app is free. It automatically downloads all of your photos onto the app. This app is actually very simple to use and it holds all of the basic editing features I use. If you are looking for a more complex editor, this app is not for you, however if you just want something simple for some quick edits I strongly recommend it. This app does hold special edits within the app that you can buy, however I find those to be unnecessary so I don't use them. This app doesn't hold any annoying ads for other apps, which I greatly appreciate. I recommend looking into this app to help make all of your photos just a little better. This photo is an example of what the app looks like.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Photo Collection: Day at the Park

     A few days ago I visited the park and I have a small photo collection from that day. However, this post is more about capturing a moment than the actual park. To me, taking a photo is essentially just one art form of capturing a memory, moment, or emotion. As much as the actual content of a photo effects that, the lighting and affects of a photo also does. For this photo collection I just used my iPhone 5s. Without a photo editing app the phone itself allows some affects. For this collection of photos I used the instant affect. The first picture on the left is the photo with only the iPhone's special affect, which takes it pretty far as is. The second photo is of the photo with the affect and editing. I was especially pleased with this outcome. The photos beneath these are of mango. Once again the one on the left is with only the iPhones affect than the one on the right is with editing.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Photo Shoot Idea

Everyone runs out of great ideas sometimes. To help give new ideas I wanted to share one of my favorite photo shoot ideas. Winter isn't over yet, and if you live somewhere where you can find snow this is the perfect photo shoot. The fluffier the snow is the better it is for this picture. When you blow on the snow and it all goes flying it captures a beautiful photo and a lovely memory.

Tip: If you do not live somewhere where it is snowing you can do it with confetti or sparkles for the same effect. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nature Hike

     Yesterday I went on a little hike with my family and cousins. The views were very pretty, especially for February. I was able to get some incredible photos. I love the first photo on the left because the trees make almost a frame around the ocean. Both of the  flower photos is of tiny flowers that I focused in on. The first flower photo was actually so tiny it was hard to get my camera to focus in on them. I was also lucky that this hike was on elevated above the ocean, which allowed me to capture the perfect moment.